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My Happy Planner: Week One

Well, this week is already coming to an end, and my weekly spread in MHP is pretty much full. While I didn’t have many appointments this week, I use MHP to keep track of my daily bible reading, encouraging notes, and random to-dos that I keep forgetting to complete.  For it being my first week… Continue reading My Happy Planner: Week One

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My Happy Planner: A Tale of Obsession

Well, it’s official: I am obsessed. Not too long ago my best friend turned me onto My Happy Planner. Only minutes after looking this up on Pintrest, I became consumed and I knew I had to have one. I immediately ordered one right away (thank you, Amazon, for free two-day shipping). Since then, I have… Continue reading My Happy Planner: A Tale of Obsession

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Prompt: Black Sheep

The abandoned root cellar was an appropriately musty, festering sort of place. Nothing there, save for an oddly off-putting sense of peace and the worms and maggots that crawled among the long-spoiled cans of preserves and spreads. What little light trickled in through the storm cellar-style door refracted off the boundless dust, intermittently swirling and… Continue reading Prompt: Black Sheep

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Old Glory’s High (Part 1)

(Inspired by our weekly writing prompt: The American Dream) It’s late, the stars create cookie-cutter light impressions in a tattered pitch sky as the neighbor’s Golden Retriever howls off-key to the seductive pull of the blossoming full moon outside. She’s here, as usual, her hair a bit more tangled and greasy, her amber waves slowly… Continue reading Old Glory’s High (Part 1)

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Featured Artist: Nadia Vanilla

One of my fave local artists. I’ve had the privilege of meeting her when we showcased side-by-side back in March at RAW’s Artist Showcase: Grandeur. nadiavanilla: “Suspended” It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this account. Here’s why: I’ve been working with a model I’ve never worked with before (she is AWESOME), and working on… Continue reading Featured Artist: Nadia Vanilla